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About The Human 2.0 Project

We can be free.

We can change our lives so that we are no longer slaves to our debt. We don't have to work 40 hours a week for the best years of our lives - there's a way out.

We can regenerate our natural world

Deplete or die is a fallacy - we can thrive and enrich the natural world around us. In fact, it's the only way we can thrive for the long term.

We can live for passion and adventure

There is nothing natural about putting aside the things you care most about just to meet obligations. We can pursue that which we love, and "pay the bills" with the power of ecosystems and automation.


To get the detailed answer, you'll have to stick around and join the community here. The high-level perspective is simple though: we will use permaculture, open source technology, and the Internet to make this revolution happen. Permaculture gives us a design methodology for reinventing the supporting infrastructure of our society - our food, energy, and shelter are all currently part of our problem, but we can make them part of our solution. Open source technology will allow us to become high-tech manufacturers from our kitchens and garages, making the tools, parts, and machines that we need directly from raw materials using automated self-replicating build systems and open source designs. The Internet will allow us to share knowledge and grow as a community in ways that have never been possible before. The combination of these things, if we play our cards right, will deal a killing blow to poverty and oppression around the world.

The strategy will start with one neighborhood at a time, but it will grow exponentially. Each successful transformation will reinvest its profits into several more, and so on, until we hit a critical mass and tip our culture onto a new and better track. In the parlance of resilience science, we are going to be a disturbance that kicks our culture out of one basin of attraction and into a better one.

About me

My name is Erik Lee. I'm a father to two wonderful children, and husband to one wonderful woman. I went to college for a MS in Computer Science, and since then have been consumed by tracking down real solutions for the problems above, from a complex adaptive systems perspective. That search has led me down a twisting path that includes bits and pieces from the real food movement, permaculture, resilience science, ecology, cognitive psychology, statistics, physics, chemistry, and a dozen other fields of knowledge. I've cherry-picked from each of these to build up a strategy for what we can put in place right now to create a new kind of life for ourselves and our descendants, and stop wrecking the world we depend on for life. I hope you join me on this path - it's very exciting and loaded with opportunities, and I need your help!

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